Non-Conflict Diamonds

As a result of the KPCS, there is a governance in place that helps to guarantee that conflict diamonds stay out of the marketplace and that the industry can reliably reassure purchasers that they are handling fair trade diamonds.

At this time there are 59 participants of the KPCS, representing a total of 85 countries that are signed up (with the 27 EU member states counting as 1 participant). When it comes to the entire diamond trading industry, these participants account for 99.8% of the total manufacturing of global diamonds.

Ethical diamonds

Shining Qualities Diamond Commitment

At Shining Qualities we are passionate about the diamond industry , which is why we are completely committed to ensuring that we only deal with producers that are on board with the KPCS and their principles.

In addition, when Shining Qualities operate with diamond suppliers from Canada, we make sure to only partner with mines that adhere to the Canadamark program . By doing this we can be confident that these diamonds are responsibly sourced, authentically Canadian and expertly audited.

Ultimately, we believe that the only way to maintain the sustainable trade of diamonds is by following the highest ethical standards. By doing this we can help in the fight against those that undermine the values of the industry, one that ordinarily delivers valuable opportunities to various economies and their communities.